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From hipster to highfalutin, beach bum to buttoned-up, where a person resides can say a lot about their personality, profession... Because of the urban sprawl, workaholic hours, and number of work-from-home entrepreneurs/actors/writers/directors/models, online dating long ago shed itself of any stigma. You will never be the prettiest, richest, most successful, or most famous person in LA (sorry) -- there will always be someone better than you in all superficial departments, which makes dating a constant merry-go-round if you’re just in it to have fun or be arm candy.Sometimes it feels like another form of social media as you are matched up with your neighbor, co-worker, best friend, best friend’s ex, and even your own ex. It’s way too easy for anyone to turn their head to the left or right, and see something more tempting.

We suffer profound emotional distress when we lose a job, or cannot do our work for whatever reason.

Tragically, workaholics eventually suffer the loss of personal and professional integrity.

The key to understanding workaholism is to fully appreciate what happens to an individual's behavior and subsequently character when the Feeling function .

And for those of us who have real "jobs," unlike in cities where public transportation is the norm, we sequester ourselves in our cars, only to deposit ourselves at the office.

Lots of us work from home, leaving little time for in-person social interactions.