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Victorian era rich and dating

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Changes in technology and industrial organization resulted in increased production, efficiency, and profits.

The building of roads, canals, and eventually railways enabled expanded trade.

In the middle of the 19th century saw The Great Exhibition of 1851, the first World's Fair, and showed the greatest creations of the century.

The era known as the Industrial Revolution was a period of fundamental changes in agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, and social structure.

The Victorian novel The Victorian period was considered the golden age of the novel and most capable of reflecting the increasing complexity of the modern world and, was also the main source of entertainment for the educated middle-classes.

In this period novelist published their work in installments in literary periodicals, creating expectation in readers, waiting for the next story and therefore giving the idea of linearity which characterized the story (beginning middle and end).

In the initial years of the Victorian period, there were two strong political parties, The Whigs and the Tories (Conservatives).

Normally the plots of Victorian novels centered around money making it and losing it the narrator is typically omniscient being a moral guide and as an instrument for analyzing psychology of the characters.

The said houses would meet separately and passed a bill as law by majority votes.

However, for the bill to passed, it was necessary that both the houses accent to it.

The Industrial Revolution continued to increase productivity and prosperity, especially in the middle and later parts of Victoria's reign. They were the people who created, managed and ran the new industrial factories.

One important change in the Victorian era was the making of the sewage system in London. In the 1880s people began making power stations and distribution systems to feed the new electric lightbulbs.