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It helps SMEs to frame their KM activities to enable the creation, communication, and application of knowledge, which should allow them to drive the capability of creating and retaining a greater value onto their core business competencies.Here comes another knowledge management book by an alleged 'new guru', management consultant, and 'thought leader', Mark W. Mc Elroy claims the purpose of the book, which mostly consists of a collection of previously published articles, is to present the evolution of the 'new Knowledge Management' to the profession.The new generation of 'km' gives equal weight to what he calls the 'demand-side' of knowledge management, or in other words the creation of new knowledge.Quantitative risk analysis (QRA) is widely applied in several industries as a tool to improve safety, as part of design, licensing or operational processes.

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Which theoretical views on validity and validation of QRA can be found?

Which features of QRA are useful to validate a particular QRA, and which frameworks are proposed to this effect?

What kinds of claims are made about QRA, and what evidence is available for QRA being valid for the stated purposes?

However, the SMEs view KM processes as somewhat important in contributing towards better enterprise performance.

The findings can be used as a guideline for SMEs to undergo a self-check and to help them rethink and reposition themselves in light of the findings.