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Jesse Dahl was given one year in jail and 30 years of supervised probation, which includes completing sex offender education and treatment if directed by a probation officer.

Officials are looking for 22-year-old Savanna La Fontaine-Greywind after they found a healthy 2-day-old baby while searching that apartment building Thursday. The discovery was followed by the arrest of Brooke Lynn Crews, 38, and William Henry Hoehn, 32, who lived in the same building.

Nelson faces a felony charge of promoting prostitution, plus a misdemeanor charge of 5th degree controlled substance for having 2.5 grams of cocaine on him. Officers believe Nelson was travelling with women across the country.

(ABC 6 News) – A Rochester man has been sentenced to probation for sexually abusing a young boy.

Occasional outside screenings will be required (but if you cannot attend the scheduled screenings, you may watch the films on your own time through the Multimedia Center reserves.) Students will be evaluated based on assigned writing, classroom discussion leading, participation, short quizzes, midterm exam and final exam.

Emphasis is on the creative use and understanding of the video medium while learning to use the video camera, video editing processes and the fundamental procedures of planning video projects.Nelson was arrested and is facing felony charges of promoting prostitution and drug possession.Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - An Olmsted County jury has returned a guilty verdict against the Rochester man accused of a brutal assault on a woman who was held captive in her home last year.A criminal investigation unit sent an undercover officer to a hotel at the 4100 block of Maine Avenue SE at 10 a.m. She is held in the Olmsted County Jail on a gross misdemeanor charge of Hiring a Prostitute in a Public Place.An 18-year-old woman at the hotel who was also involved in the operation helped officers by providing information.For a list of the officer assignments and contact information go to Adopt-A-Hall Alert UR is an emergency notification system that allows for mass dissemination of critical information via voice, text, and e-mail to students, faculty and staff in all University Divisions and the Medical Center.