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There are numerous party room throughout the facility, some with doors and some open, and a grand orgy party room.
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The foods typically eaten can vary greatly by region, ranging from game-based dishes of Normandy to the light, Mediterranean cuisine of Provence.

The French eat three times a day with no snacking between meals.

Breakfast is the lightest meal, usually consisting of just bread and coffee, and is followed by a large, leisurely lunch and four-course (or more) dinner.

I’ve been four or five times to France, a couple of times to Eastern Europe, 8 or 9 times to England, a few times to Spain and Italy, and so on.

Whenever I go back and forth between countries, some important differences in eating habits become very apparent to me. In America, obesity rates reach over 30% of the population. The 11% obesity rate in France is caused by the fact that French people are starting to eat more like Americans, because obesity rates used to be only 5.5% in 1995.