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Today dating has been just a means for having short term relationship.

If both think that they are compatible and serious in relationship then eventually they think of marriage.

We had a lot of laughs over how boyish some of the guys looked. Well of course the first weekend of college there was a residential mixer and everyone was going to be there.

Some of these guys looked like they just walked out of ninth grade into college. My roommate and I must of spent hours getting ready. By ten o’ clock our room was packed with 10 girls and we were all talking, while trying to get a look in the mirror, about who we were going to dance with.

In the past a date used to be an arrangement to find a person whom you will marry.

Parents used to arrange dates between their children and finally if things go well it would end up in a marriage.

We quickly became the best of friends like we had known each other our whole lives.

Before you knew it we were talking about guys, which one was cute, which one had this or that.

The first few days in college, of course we spent bonding with my roommate.

When you are home your parents tell you who you can see, where you can go, and what time to be back.

The minute that your parents leave you at college you are on your own.

So marriage was the main aim of the people dating in past. Teenagers who undergo hormonal changes during their adolescence get attracted to each other.

They are eager to know more about each other and in that urge they start dating.